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Have a one-to-one conversation or include all your friends in a private chat. Say more with calls, photos, comments and stickers. Improve your abilities with games, contests and information in the newsfeed. Keep in touch with friends across Android and iOS.

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Our Amazing Features

Elegantly Fast

Send messages or do the calling faster than ever before.

Play Games

Don't let the inner gamer die. Low card, Dice, High roll l, Teenpattiseen and Teenpattiblind all are for you.

Private Chat

Do the private chat with your online-friends.

Join Contest

Participate in contests and outperform your competitors.

Group chat

Create your crew, with group chats.


Know what is happening in the lives of your loved ones or world.


Create chatroom and bring your friends to one place.


Earn daily money with surfing!

Why Us?

  • Private Chat : Have one-on-one conversations, send selfies or do calling privately.
  • Group Chat : Create a chit-chat or official group for mutual discussions.
  • Chat Room : Interested in making new friends? Join a chat room and meet with like-minded people.
  • Contest : Time to test your skills? Join contests and showcase your talent.
  • Voice & Video Call : Call your loved ones anywhere in the world - with zero charges.
  • Newsfeed : Let the world know where you are today with a status update and view stories of your network.

How it Works?

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Download your BuzzMe app with a download button below. Register yourself with your name and email. Check your email for verification in the inbox or spam.

Setup your profile

Put your personal information for your friends to know. Set your profile picture and add the people you already know.

Start Surfing

Have a unique and amazing experience in the Newsfeed. Meet random people, make friends, and share your happy moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can create a 5 or even 3 digits username once you reach higher levels like 25, 50,75 or 100.

Your id level can be increased by online activity (chatting with friends in private as well as in chatrooms), sending and receiving gifts, playing games, updating statuses, and interacting with other users via comments.

Yes. Once your id reaches level 16, you can create chatrooms for your favourite people.

To buy gifts and emoticons or to play games, you need credits transacted via BuzzMe. As a user, you can get credits at a merchant; whereas, as a merchant can get credits from the mentors.

In the app signin/signup page, you will find a reset password option.

Go to intruder’s profile and report it to the BuzzMe staff. You can also 'Block' a user to avoid any kind of interactions.

The ID enter access to chatroom will be removed for 1 hour.

Yes, you can be a part of our team if you have the skills which we are looking for.

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Connect with locals around you. Add your favourite friends in the list. Do the chatting and calling. Find foreigners for networking. Play the games you love. Have an all-encompassing experience in the newsfeed.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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